(Dedicated to Tony Mazzocchi. Without him,
we never could have built CSB.GOV )

Kings of yore; Divine Right rule.
Bankers now with Fine Print fool.

Public-Private partnership?
Same old loaded coin flip.

Heads they win; tails you lose.
You kiss their ass; you have no clues.

Say, "How are you?" Claim, "I am fine!"
My goals, with Management, align :-)

Put Happy Face on McJob ape.
No crime, no foul: White-collar rape.

Kneel facing Wall Street: Pray for jobs.
Our Social Contract? "Void", says Hobbes.

Broken treaties, broken vows?
Upper income tax cuts, Yowz! 

Purple mountains' majesty?
Oligarchs reign over thee!

Burdened are we, this debt bubble?
You must toil to ease their trouble!

Jobless? Foreclosed? Shame? Confusion?
Vampire banks suck blood transfusion!

"We work hard; we played by rules."
Bankers changed the rules -- you're tools!

U.S., Europe, both are whores,
to corporate conquistadores.

Help us, Ayn Rand; we've been mugged!
"Free-ride Leeches," Atlas Shrugged.

Broken models, broken tools?
Let Goldman Sachs "enhance" the rules.

Shift those risks! Amp-up greed!
What's more hunger? What's more need?

Broken concepts, shattered faith?
Emaciate that welfare wraith!

"In GDP, we place our trust."
(Ponzi bubbles never bust.)

Oh Credit Rating Agency:
We consecrate our souls to thee.

Spin, economic Ponzi-tron!
Save sinking global Hegemon!

Reinflate that credit bubble?
Let it die? Suburban rubble.

Market value: "Measurement"?
Foreclose logic: Tenement!

"Mark-To-Market" price revision?
"Measurement" perturbs the system!

Neoclassic paradigm --
Against Humanity a Crime!

I lay me down, but cannot sleep,
Retirement sunk in shit knee-deep.

If they foreclose before I wake,
May Goldman Sachs in hell-fire bake.


Capital- or Social- Ism?
Power corrupts any system.

Vigilance is price to free,
our souls from both. Same tyranny.

Corporations pull our strings.
Rot our hearts and bind our wings.

"Consumer Choice": hollow shell.
Makes our Earth a living hell.

Puppet "Freedom"; toe that line!
"Please great Master, money mine?"

Shallow life makes Mall-rat mind.
Style, not Substance, is that kind.

Fragile ego; must save face.
Narcissist; not human race.

TV pundit, talking head.
Ad-sponsored; no earned street cred.

Corporations' power flow.
Boiling frogs don't wanna know.

"Not my job," sez Joe Consumer.
Crash deserved, Joe Selfish Boomer.

"Propaganda, that's my guide."
An entertaining suicide.

"Propaganda gives me answer!"
("Thinking hurts; it causes cancer.")

Simple answers' Certainty.
Sell out your integrity!

(Dedicated to Jerry Mander.)

Techno-Ladder status climb;
"Cool"!  Tech-Hamster-Cage sublime.

Data-mined, your every move;
"Consumer Paradise" improve.

"Machine-Learning"; machine gains.
Your neural-net is what it trains!

Hamsters restless?  Questions grind?
Download "upgrade" 2 their mind.

Embed your mind; "enhanced" machine?
Humanity, your fading dream.

Cyborg stake thru human heart:
Transistor Ethics? Not real smart!

Human moths seek Techno-Flame.
Celebration dance? Insane!

Nanotech in Frankenstein?
Gray Goo brain; Trans-Human slime.

Techno "progress"?  Techno FAITH!
Each Tech toy seeds future wraith.

Social "problem"?  Tech "Solution"!

Each Tech-Fix you call "progress".
How falsify?  Your mystic mess.

What's Tech's NULL HYPE-othesis?
Science rigor:  Can't dismiss!

Twitter, twitter, little minds.
Fast-twitch discourse; slaves' time-binds.

Over your head, ideas fly.
Concepts you need, to ask Why!

Dark Satanic hamster Mills,
Dissect our brains; rewire our wills.

Techno-treadmill, hamster wheel.
Why your soul, you let it steal?


Academics close their eyes;
"Pushing boundaries is unwise."

"Publish; perish," hear them whine.
Toe that Journal's Bottom Line!

Narrowed minds in shrinking fields;
Boiling Frogs with blind eyes peeled.